CV Tips

Temen-temen semuanya,

Buat yang baru pertama kali mau ngelamar kerja, buat yang lagi mau pindah kerja, buat yang lagi nyari tempat magang, atau buat kalian yang mungkin masih sekolah/kuliah yang suatu hari bakalan nyari kerja juga, ini gue mau bagi sedikit CV Tips yang gue kutip dari timeline twitternya Ve Handojo.

Semoga bermanfaat, ya! 😀

  • Try to keep your #CV simple and short. That gold medal in high school chess match is irrelevant when you’re aiming for a copywriter post.

  • If your #CV is 2-3-pages long, open with a brief about you. “I am a marketing exec. with 4 years of experience in multinational companies.”

  • I got my first job from a small classified ad. in “Suara Pembaruan”. As a non-scholar, my #CV only listed my high school accomplishments.

  • After a very brief Personal Info, start #CV with what’s most relevant to the post you aim. Your educational background may not be it.

  • For Customer Relations post, your experience of waiting tables at a cafe is more relevant than your degree in Literature. Put it first. #CV

  • Hobbies / interests are good to put in a #CV, but be specific. “Reading” should be specified with “-fashion magazines” or “-graphic novels”.

  • Avoid using Comic Sans for your #CV. Times or Baskerville gives more safe and conservative feel, while Arial or Helvetica is modern and casual.

  • They really don’t need to know which SD and SMP you went to, unless if it’s something foreign and unique.

  • My friend made a huge fortune cookie, and put her #CV inside it, and send it to an advertising agency. Now, that’s a great idea!

  • Kalo ngelamar jadi ilustrator, dan dia bikin #CV dalam bentuk comic strip, gak papa juga sih pakai Comic Sans. Yang relevan aja lah 😀

  • Courier adalah font untuk book/scriptwriting. Kalo ngga ngelamar ke penerbitan, atau jadi editor, atau penulis, jangan deh.

  • Coba deh bikin 2-3 kalimat pembuka di awal #CV buat merangkum semuanya. Itu membantu HRD yg sortir ratusan #CV tiap hari.

Source: @VeHandojo



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