My Dad and approximately 23/24 years ago.

He was the first one who called me last midnite, so this photo came as a remembrance 😀

Been 24 years I’m in this world now!

I should thank the Man above for his endless blessings and for how far He got me…

And thank you loved ones for the warm wishes. You’ve all made my day!




  1. Happy B’day Kak Teppyyy…
    Wish u all the greatest things from our Boss Up There yaah…
    Sukses tuk stiap rencana2 ke depan…

    -Paula- 🙂

  2. happpy bday neng teppy… semoga banyak dilimpahi berkat ya..

    btw, yg coffeeshop semi-library itu, ternyata bukan yg di samping frankfurter, tapi lebih sono dikit lagi, di deket limelight karaoke.. hihihi


  3. Teppy!
    Happy birthday, again.
    Dan itu fotonya unyuuu benjets!
    Tapi tolong ya, bagian, ” Yes, I’m half black ” – nya.
    Enjoy your 24, darling.
    *hugs and kisses*

  4. Hey non, Happy Birthday ya. 24? Duh muda amat :). Keep pursuing your dreams, find something you’re truly passionate about, and stick to it. That’s how you’ll make a fulfilling life, no matter what circumstances you’re in… 🙂

  5. Jeung Teppy happy birthday yaaa!!!! Semoga penjang umur murah rejeki cepet kepelaminan #eh dan semua yang baik buat mbaknyaaaa #kecup dan jangan tabok saya yaa karna sering manggil mbaknya walau hanya via twitter dan komen2 di blog #eaaaa

    Have a rockin’ year mbaknyaaaa!!! #teteup :))

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