The Big Classroom

I started working permanently 3 years ago, during my college period. I remember I was so happy back then, to finally have a job and making my own money. I came from Public Relations background, had not yet finished school, and offered a job as a secretary. I didn’t complain nor bargain, ’cause besides that I got to organize some of my office’s events as well, which is one of my favorite tasks, and event organizing is also part of my studies, so that’s cool.

No major PR thingie to handle, but I love that I got the opportunity to learn from the very low point.

Working for me is like entering this big classroom. You must study just like usual, you’ll have tasks and homework, you’ll be stressed out, but in the end… you got paid, mami! Moreover, nothing is ever theoretical again, as you’re “studying” in a real world.

The pressure and responsibility is way higher, and just like in school, only those who are determined will get to the top.

I started doing some clerical work: photocopying, scanning documents, labeling, making phonecalls, setting up meeting, proposing meeting with clients, making tea/coffee for my boss, book hotels and flights, buying gifts, lunch,  rearrange office lay out, and even clean up my own desk since our former office boy wasn’t really reliable.

Those weren’t rocket science, it wasn’t that hard to do. In fact I think anybody can do that. The challenge was to handle or face those who underestimate you, just because their job is considerably more analytical than making coffee or photocopying. But the bigger challenge was, when you finally think and JUSTIFY that your job is easy that you started to postpone things and become lazy.

Now if that happened, then no wonder people underestimate you.

I think there is a reason why most of us started off from a very low point. Us humans are designed to fight. Those who have big dreams and are able to survive, will move to the next level. Those who are whiny and less passionate, get stuck.

Had I not start my working experience by cleaning up desk, making coffee, photocopying, all those teeny weeny stuff, I probably couldn’t enjoy how lovely it feels to make a “jump” on my career. To make a progress.

And most of all, the experience taught me to respect people whatever their position is.

Then by opportunities, I moved to my second office. It is a lot more exciting, because it’s Marketing & Communications (Internal and External) oriented, which is relate-able to my background.

Well, the company I work at is not a B2C (Business to Customer) company, but B2B (Business to Business), so if you compare our marketing and PR activities with FMCG company, per se, we don’t do massive stuff. But the point is, I get to learn. And for the time being, it’s enough, and I’m happy 🙂

I am grateful that within this experience I got the chance to learn from scratch. Moreover, my bosses and senior managers here are awesome. No joke. I am thankful that my job allows me to connect with people (internally and externally), that it allows me to write, and teach me how to deal with many types of people. In the first months I sat with three different departments which give me chance to immediately know them better. It’s good to have people recognize you, and vice versa, it’s good that you’re able to know almost all of the people in the office. It makes your life (and work) easier. 😀

I am happy that I can learn from those humble, awesome superiors close enough. It’s a good feeling to be surrounded by so many smart peeps, it drives you to become better.

So again, I am thankful for this. I certainly hope and pray that my career ahead will be as bright as a shining star 😀

And you pretty peeps, I’m only 24 with 3 years working experience, for some of you it means nothing. But if I can share some tips surviving in this big classroom called office:

  1. Never lose the urge of learning
  2. Be passionate
  3. Stay professional, of course
  4. Make sure you take care of your appearance, because it matters. Display a nice image, not nasty
  5. Be nice and friendly
  6. Kill them with your smile, your brain, your personality, and your endless spirit in learning.
  7. Chit chat skills help sometimes 😀
  8. Ever got the urge of throwing an annoying person from the top of your office building? Well, in that case, don’t be one.

Okay then, I hope I don’t make myself sound like a motivator.

Let’s survive this “big classroom”, pretty peeps! 🙂


  1. …start my working experience by cleaning up desk, making coffee, photocopying –> Jadi inget, gw juga memulai pengalaman kerja dengan fase-fase ini… mulai dari fotokopi, rapihin file, meriksa karcis tol, ngisi slip setoran, dll… yg waktu itu gw pikir, ini kerja apaan sih, ga sesuai banget sama background gw (desain grafis).

    Tapi setelah gw dapet pekerjaan sekarang yang bener2 cocok, gw jadi tau rasanya bersyukur… Tiap mau ngeluh bosen atau apapun itu, begitu inget kerjaan fotokopi dulu, langsung jadi semangat lagi 🙂 bukan berarti meremehkan kerjaan fotokopi dll, tapi paling ngga jadi diingatkan supaya bersyukur lah, kalo kerjaan sekarang udah jauh lebih baik 🙂

    Maap nih jadi curcol :p

  2. hmm,,jd inget bos yg meng-underestimate gw dl..
    puncaknya pas dia minta bikin slide presentasi, dia kasi waktu seminggu, udah termasuk review. tapi gw slesaiin SEHARI, tanpa review,,,,,:D *bangga

    setelah itu gw tepar dan ijin sehari buat tidur,,-_-‘

  3. Wow love this post so much!
    Since I’ve been working for 3 months while doing the thesis thing, what you’ve shared has remind me to be thankful (again and again) for the job I’m doing right now. It aint the money, but the experience and lesson learned which is somehow worth more than the salary.
    Wish i could spend these 2 years ahead in my ‘classroom’ as fun as yours!
    Good luck, eneng! 🙂

  4. I’ve been a witness for these 4 years, watching you grow , girl. from a college girl to this wonderful working lady :). and I’m proud of you

  5. Si Eppy ini yahhh, loe tuh udah cantik, pinter, rajin, dedicated, apa lagi sih, bini ideal inih hihihihihihi… 😉

    Bener, kita memang HARUS MULAI dari bawah. I remembered the first days of running my own business 5 years ago sebelom ada PT, udah habis2an ditipu orang, dibego2in klien, kadang karena klien2 pada telat bayar dan problematis + drama banget, gue bisa kekeringan duit / cashflow buruk, punya duit cuman 50 rebu di atm (makanya temenan ama BCA dan musuhan ama Mandiri karena BCA bisa narik duit ampe nafas terakhir saldo tinggal 0 hahahaha) buat seminggu…

    Tapi kan orang kalo ga susah, ga belajar ya? Kebayang perjuangan loe dulu kuliah + kerja itu berat loh! Tapi sekarang kan udah mulai nikmatin hasilnya 🙂

    Sukses terus cantiiiiiiikkkkkkkk….

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