Another bestie’s wedding

2012 is full of weddings!

At least I got two to attend and be involved with this year. One of them was my college bestie’s, Tari, who held her wedding last 3rd of March, after one year of preparation 😀

I’m such a crybaby when it comes to holy matrimony. But maybe because it’s my bestie’s wedding that I get a wee bit emotional.

I really am happy for her. I have known her for 7 years now, from the first day we entered the university. I was eating with her in the cafeteria and she asked me where my house was. As soon as she found out that we lived in the same area (West Jakarta) and she always passed my neighborhood every morning, she said: “Why don’t you come with me every morning?”

So the next day for the rest four years of studying, I was always with her every morning, sometimes even after class too. That’s how we got so close. During the third year of college, she got a permanent job, months before the supposedly internship period. And when we finally got into the internship period in which I was looking for a job, she told me there’s an opening in her boss’ husband’s office. I tried it out… and turns out I didn’t get the intern position…

’cause I was offered to be a permanent employee 😀

A year passed and Tari resigned from her old office. And there’s an opening in mine. Ok, you do the math.

Yes, she became my colleague not very long after 😀

And then it happened all over again… We went to the office together, still with her Dad. During lunch time, as our office was very close to our gym, we usually took time to work out or just sauna. Sauna and shower during lunch time =)) *absurd* We were inseparable, we often joked that we’re actually twins. Until in 2010, I moved to another company… But we still stayed in touch intensely, anyway… *duh*

Our ritual is to chat everyday on gtalk, exchanging songs, and talk just about everything, haha…

Anyway… so then came the day. And I was more than happy to be her bridesmaid and witness one of the most important moments of her life 🙂

Congratulations, twinnie! You both deserve each other… and even though I say this with such naivete, I believe you guys we’ll be happy ever after 🙂 Stay in love, the Agustas! :*

*With the bride. I don’t really understand why they dressed me in white as my gown looked like a wedding gown too, but hell I love it, hihihi*

*with my sister, Donna*

*With my besties for life, HOBAH. Minus the bride, of course*

*With LSPR classmates*

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