Over a glass of water, in between my favorite playlists, 4 minutes to midnight…

…here I write this. Something about you.

It was somewhere around May last year, when I randomly opened one of the doors in my office, hoping to find an empty meeting room. I apologized immediately right after, because instead of finding a meeting place, I intruded one. But in the middle of those passing seconds, there you were, with the cutest smirk I have ever seen. So cute that I had to run to my closest colleague and told her all about it, ’cause I couldn’t contain my smiling face all to myself.

And that was how I first met you.

I spent months holding back my feelings ’cause I thought I would never be special to your eyes. Not your kinda girl, I said to myself.

But turns out, you became the sweetest thing that ever happened to my life.

And you made me the happiest girl.

Though I say this with such naivete, I just want you to know that even now we’re thousand miles apart, you’re still the closest thing I called home.

And nothing, makes me happier, than seeing you living your life the way you want it, like how you always taught me to 🙂

So off you go my dear…

With any luck, I’ll be seeing you again soon.

But even if that day never happens, you will always remain special to my heart.

‘Cause you’re wonderful.

And whenever you think of me,

I think of you.


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