I have the sweetest and coolest friends a person could ever asked for. Ones that I can refer to as family.

I am free from bad relationship.
I have my career ahead of me, and it’s getting better.
I have super cool and kind bosses, ones that I could learn so much from.

I have my writing hobby as my side job to complement my main job.
I have this blog, my best way of release, the platform that allows me to be myself.

I have the sweetest blog readers.

I have my family and somehow someway we survived all the shit.

I have been shown the good and the bad and learnt so much from it.

I have met you…

And I have lived my life the way I want ever since.

I realize I have no reasons at all to be ungrateful.

I thank you, the Man up there, for blessing me all the way through.

For giving me another day to breathe.

For letting me be 25 🙂

You’re awesome, God.

I’m a lucky Stephany 🙂

Verzonden vanaf mijn blackberry

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