Sleeping Ritual

My body clock always indicates I have to sleep at around 12am. Some other time, it goes further, like tonight.

Man, I hate trouble sleeping.

So to help me sleep, I’m trying to recall what my sleeping rituals are.

I locked the door, obviously.
I’ll play some music and leave it there even until I wake up.
Sometimes I even plan what dream I wanna be dreaming about. I always deny that I am a control freak up until the moment I realize I even control my dream =))


I will light up my Christmas lights I hang in front of the blinds and turn off other lights. Put a juggle of water beside my bed.
Reading some stuff on twitter.
Prepare my blanket.
And lastly I would hug this orange teddy bear to sleep. I do this every night.

Sounds like a kiddo, eh?
Nevermind, the teddy bear was so special for me. He’s a Dutch teddy bear, by the way *feel free to interpret* =)) Ow, and sometimes I write blog post or poems before I sleep.

So there you go, my sleeping ritual.

Great, writing this makes me sleepy.

Good niiight :*
Verzonden vanaf mijn blackberry

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