Life these days…

Life these days are thinking about what articles to write

impulsively buying concert tickets

planning my trips every now and then

coffee, lunch, dinner, hanging out with friends (talk about non-stop gossips and chit chats)

buying books and magazines constantly and hoard it and rarely touch it

checking out cute guys

talking about those cute guys with my girls

loving my best friend’s kids as if they are my own but is not moved at all to have one in the future… yet.

maybe someday it will change

Life these days is about partying, fooling around, and trying out new fancy restaurants

It’s still about making lots and lots of new friends

It’s still about non stop trial of dieting and exercising yet I always end up on the same weight because there’s too many good food to miss

Life these days is still about looking forward to go home, download some TV series, watching it and laze around on my comfortable bed and not wanting to share it with anybody…

Life these days is about being comfortably alone, about being selfish, about enjoying stuff ’cause I can finally (start to) afford it

Life these days is still about being forever optimistic and hopeful and cheerful and laugh as much as I can

Life these days is a portrait of my freedom.

So I’m gonna make sure that this life I live, is lived the way I want to live it.

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