26th: A Birthday Adventure


So here comes my favorite day of the year.

Today I’m turning 26 and the older I get, the more I feel pumped up to chase my dreams. I realize now I feel even more alive. Alive okay, not old :p

But also on this special day, I am reminded once again of how very blessed I am. My life is surrounded by so many sweethearts. Family members, best friends, acquaintances, blog readers, colleagues, basically everyone has been amazingly kind, the ones that make you speechless you just end up smiling endlessly. So thank yo so much, dear ones. Thank you for the prayers, wishes, and sweet thoughts. I feel loved. šŸ™‚


I have made it a habit since last year that every year, at least after my birthday, I have to travel somewhere new. Go to places I have never been or maybe re-visit the places I love. Last year I started with Australia and after that I just went crazy. I knew I was crazed by this whole traveling thing because even when I had not hopped off the plane to the country I was visiting, I was already thinking about where I should go after that trip. The first thing I did right after I got back from Australia was browsing airplane tickets and created another holiday plans for the rest of the year.

I don’t have all the money in the world, but thank God for the control freak in me, before I spend anything I usually make a financial estimation for 12 months ahead, so I know when to spend and when not to, and how much money I can allocate for those impulsive trips I planned. The fact that most of the time I’m traveling alone makes it easier because I can spend as little as possible yet have so much flexible time. I can basically sleep anywhere and eat cheap food and feel just as happy. By that I can tick all the places I want to see and make as many pictures as I want with my orange teddy bear. And nobody will complain, ’cause I’m on my own šŸ™‚

The best part of all of that, is writing and sharing the stories of the trip with all of you šŸ™‚ I am even more happy if you find my information useful and you even do the same trip šŸ™‚ I’m not saying that this is the best technique of travel planning, but it is an option. I would rather see lots of places but not having too many fancy clothes or the coolest gadget. Some might want the combination of both so they only travel once or twice a year and can still buy things they want. Then I might be rather extreme, I just want my passport to be full of immigration stamps, hahaha…


I know I often laugh and do self-mockery of my being single, but the more I travel the more I realize, this is what I need for now. Things might not be easier had I have a boyfriend. I mean, if I did, he could be a great traveling partner, who knows, but he could be not too. Being free and unattached gives us a lot more authority and flexibility. Your money and your time are yours alone. šŸ™‚ As of now, I don’t want to feel the need to ask permission or updating someone every now and then of where I’m going, where I’m at, and why I’m going alone. But for later, someday I hope, I will find someone who is just as crazy about seeing the world as I am, and have the same traveling rhythm with mine šŸ™‚ Amen.

So… this year, in about 8 days from now, I will do another “birthday trip.” I have planned this trip meticulously for a year but I have dreamed about it for 6 years. Six years of always wanting to go back to the first country I fell in love with, Holland. And this April, I’m coming back šŸ™‚ I will do a solo trip to 7 countries in Europe, though I will not be entirely alone there. But I’ll be flying from Indonesia by myself. Each visit might seem quite brief to some, but for me it is what sufficient for now. I have waited for 6 years, I wanna see as much as I can and pray that I can always go back.

This year Holland will inaugurate a new King after previously being led by Queens for three generations. I think this will be the last Queen’s day for now, and they’ll have a different name for the celebration next year. Every 30th of April the whole country will dress up in orange and basically party all day long. And this year I will be part of it too, yaaay! šŸ˜€ Can’t wait to write about the event for you guys! šŸ˜€



After that I will hop from country to country, one of the highlights is London! AAAK! SUPER EXCITED! Lucky I have friends in most of the destinations, I think pure adventure will happen in Rome and Barcelona as I will be all alone. Wish me luck!

So that’s my plan for the next 3 weeks in Europe, I’m really excited and I can’t wait to tell you all about it šŸ˜€

And as I said earlier that I have gone crazy with traveling, I have planned another 5-6 trips for the rest of the year, thanks to budget airlines promo šŸ˜€ So I hope this blog will be filled with more interesting stories that can trigger you travel more too. Let’s go out and see the world, sweethearts!




  1. wah happy birthday ka Tep, saya pembaca setia blog kaka loh meski ga pernah koment hehe
    paling suka kalo udah review ini itu, lucuuu šŸ˜€
    all the best kak šŸ™‚

  2. Selamat menempuh umur baru neng teppy… semoga diberi berkah yg melimpah. Dan semoga trip lo minggu depan berjalan lancar,aman dan diberi kesenangan tanpa kesusahan, selamat pergi dan pulang amiiiiiiin šŸ™‚

    Happy holiday

  3. Jangan lupa bawa Orange dressnya! Tanggal 30 April sore ada show DJ Armin van Buuren di Java Eiland, Amsterdam diroute yang dilewati raja baru Belanda Willem-Alexander cruising the canal. Can’t wait to see you!

  4. sekali lagi, happy birthday Kakak Tepskyy!! :)) #lambai2StudentID Wishing you a great trip ahead!! it’s always fun too read your story, akhirnya bisa menginjak London setelah 4 tahun kuliah di London2an ya.. Yes, traveling alone has been more fun yet exciting! Especially when you don’t speak the language! #sedikitCurhat

  5. Baca posting ini aja jadi ikutan excited, lo punya gift untuk mengajak semua pembaca lo untuk ikut ketawa2, nangis bahkan merenung. And I’m happy that you let your reader joining you in your journey through your writing. So thank you and happy Birthday Neng Teppy! Banyak doa dan cinta buatmu. Semoga selalu sehat, bahagia serta tercapai yang dicita-citakan. :*

  6. hepi b’day neng teppy! sukses slalu yah neng… šŸ˜€
    wuih mantap neh travelling kali ini….go and have fun!!!

  7. Wait, what? 5-6 trips planned already? :O
    I gotta hand it to you, you are a true traveler.

    Anyway, happy birthday, once again and may all your wishes came true.
    You have such good friends, gw aja terharu baca ucapan2 mereka *hugs*

    Enjoy your Euro trip and be safe there, ya.
    Ditunggu itinerary-nya and I’ll see you here soon :))

    Can’t wait to read (or hear) the Euro trip stories!

    • iya neng, hihihi… menggila gue kalo beli tiket pesawat, hihihi…
      terima kasih banyak ya neeeeng, thank you for the kind message too :*
      I’ll see you soon! :*

  8. WOW. That is like the greatest birthday present to yourself ever.
    Good luck with everything Teppy!! I’m planning my European trip myself now and know how difficult it is to plan meticulously (well I am a control freak myself) hehe.
    I can’t wait to hear your stories!!! And definitely following your blog. =)

  9. Hey Birthday Girl, congratulation for the new age, I wish you nothing but the best for you šŸ™‚
    Anw, udah nyiapin donk ya baju warna orange-nya dari sini, jangan ampe tgl 30 aprilnya nyari2 disana lagi, habis stock Tep, hahaaha…. Enjoy your trip later sistah

  10. Teppy ultah…semoga bahagia dan selalu sehat! Itenarary-nya dong Tep ntar ya pas di Eropa…kali bisa mulai nabung untuk ke sana šŸ™‚

  11. happy belated birthday tep! wah senangnya yg mau jalan jalan nih..klo ke amsterdam boleh nih kasih tau gw bs jadi guide dadakan..mo jln2 koninginnedag ma mbak yoyen yah? hehe <–kepo..Leuk voor je meid!

  12. happy birthday kak teppy, semoga lancar-car-car eurotrip-nya! aaakkk, ditunggu ceritanya. hope you’ll find whatever it is that you’ve been looking for. i wish you best of luck kak teppy.

  13. Asyik b’daynya ya..kalau sendirian ngga ada kenalan coba cari hostel/aubergee de jeunesse..di stasiun beli plan (lbh up to date) terus besoknya baru ngider

  14. Wajib, kudu, mesti, harus cobain Misato di Leicester Sq, London! Resto Jepun murah meriah (utk ukuran London) tapi porsi kuli Indonesia. Aaaahh, I feel so excited just by reading your plan šŸ™‚ It reminds me of my own adventure two years ago. Good luck on your preps, and – of course – happy happy b’day! šŸ˜€

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