He took the midnight train going anywhere…


I’m still beyond heartbroken that Cory Monteith had died. I’m truly a fan and still could not believe I will not see him ever again on Glee. The whole world is mourning, such a sad, sad news for us Gleeks. The reason I watch Glee is because it is everything I pictured I had back in high school. You know, who would not kill to have a great, sweet boyfriend and sing and dance my heart out everyday with bunch of great and talented friends. How sad it would be if we lose one of them in such tragic death, especially that he is so nice and kind, on and off screen.

I could not imagine how painful his girlfriend, family, and all of the Glee fans must feel. I still hope this is only a prank and that Cory will pop out somewhere screaming “Gotcha!”

But his last smirk was what left on screen, looking all handsome and fit after his rehab. I hope you’re now all smiley too up there, Cory.

Rest in peace our Finn Hudson. Glee will never be the same without you.

Cory Monteith didn’t die, he took the midnight train going anywhere…

We love you, Cory.


  1. Never been this sad kalo ada seleb yang meninggal, but this one…eugh aku sampe gak nafsu buka puasa pas tau kabar ini 😦 i’ve been watching Glee since 2009 no matter how people said they’re ruining the song 😦

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