A Typical (Healthy) Weekend

This year I feel even more “mature,” in a sense that not only I keep doing what I love (read: eating, being alone, writing), I feel like I am in my default mode of keeping my life balance, especially these days.

I keep meeting friends and will be by myself if I want a me-time. I skip early morning work out because I want more sleep so that I would not be cranky the whole day at work. I drink veggie + fruit juices, wheat bread, oatmeal, ditch white rice and all that, but sometimes when I want pizza, ice cream, bubble tea, you name it, I just go for it.

I go to gym almost every night (pretty obsessed :lol:), after work, or after dinner with my friends if I still can make it. Thank goodness my gym is very close to my place and opens until late. I could just walk home at 10.30 pm and be there 10 minutes after.

Weekend is also (healthy) and interesting. Most of the time I list down the places I want to visit, restaurants/cafes I wanna try, friends I wanna see/have sleepover with (typical Aries, everything must be listed and carefully organized in an effective manner :lol:). And of course, aside from all that, spend some time at the gym, pool, or on the road during car free day. When I’m ambitious I’ll do all of those three and have meals in between. Last week I got to spend some time with Ibeth’s kids when she and her sons were spending weekend at Intercon Hotel, so I stopped by with Naniet and soaked up a bit. It was really nice, I even got some kisses from Nino, hihihi… After that we had lunch and coffee with other friends, but I’ll write the review on another posts later.

healthy weekend (1)

healthy weekend (2)

healthy weekend (3)

healthy weekend (1)

Yesterday I also spent my weekend with my dear ones. My bestfriend, Opie, stayed over at my place. Whilst we indulged ourselves with ice cream and sea food on Sat night (and gossiping the whole night before we went to sleep, hihi), we spent the next Sunday morning running during Car Free Day. It was my first actual run, because I usually cycle. We ran and walked about 5km. Not too bad for beginners. After that we had breakfast at QQ Kopitiam FX. I just knew yesterday that they opened early, it was only about 8.30am and the place was already packed. Oh, do you also know that FX rents lockers and shower room for only IDR 25k?

healthy weekend (4)

healthy weekend (5)

healthy weekend (8)

Anyway, right after breakfast we met with my other weekend partner&Β  her high school bestie, Naniet and Septi. Talk about telepathic. Even when we did not make any appointment, we always meet πŸ˜†

healthy weekend (7)

healthy weekend (9)

At noon, Opie and I went for tea time at Collette & Lola, it was really nice, we ordered the right stuff πŸ˜† A tip though, don’t visit the place later than 12pm, the place is TOO FULL of people, some even willingly wait outside just to get in. I mean, it’s not even a restaurant that serves real food, the biggest meal you can get is a birthday cake. Why make special effort for a little cake shop? Oh well.


Right after cake, before running some house chores, I went to the gym, again πŸ˜†

I feel really good and happy though, despite work stuff and all other things I should deal with on the side (sometimes it’s just pure shitty things), I still have time for my friends, myself, and also my body. I think I will never have my early 20s body back, ’cause I feel that my body and metabolism change, but I feel really fit someho. And when you feel fit, you feel good.

So let’s eat healthier, have more sleep, but never forget to let loose sometimes πŸ˜€ May we always have pleasant weekend times! πŸ˜€


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