Gelato Day in Rome

Not having gelato in Rome is practically a sin. So of course I made sure I had one during my trip last May! This was from one of the best and most famous gelateria in Rome, located near the Vatican Museum. The place is called New Bridge. I was recommended by the hostel driver who picked me up from the airport to try the gelato here. He was a very nice guy, an Argentinian who has lived more than 10 years in Rome. Kinda looked like Hagrid, but as you know, Hagrid is a very kind man, and so is he.

By the way… I’m sorry I am still really really busy since a few weeks ago, but I really wanna write some stories for you. About the food I tried, my recent trips, movies I watched (yes, review suka-suka), and my upcoming book. This time it is not a collective stories book like Sole Mate. This one will be my very first book under my own name as I wrote all the chapters. Still in comedic approach. Tell you all about it later. 😉

Write you soon, darlings! 🙂

Gelato in RomaMay 2013

gelato (1)

gelato (2)

gelato (3)

gelato (4)

gelato (5)

One comment

  1. Akh! Kok kayanya enak beut.. Gue lg planning ke Roma juga next year! Hostel lo enak gak tep? Have any recommendation for some a-must-visit-resto that I should try? Hahaha..

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