#TheFreakyTeppy in Australia

I have been sending and handing out my books to some of my friends abroad, and some of them are located in Australia. As I’m an avid fan of traveling and I love to create traveling photos with my teddy bear, this time around I decided to make a photo collection of my book around the world, including Indonesia, of course. But for the first one, I am making my Australian edition. So here it is!


#TheFreakyTeppy in Melbourne. Picture sent by my bestfriend, Tetha. Photobombed by the oom-oom, hihihi…


#TheFreakyTeppy in South Cottesloe Beach, Perth.ย Picture sent by Marisaaa! Thank youuu!

Port Augusta (1)

This one is so cool! This is in Arid Lands, Port Augusta, South Australia. Thanks Geboy for the pictuuure!

Port Augusta (2)This was also taken in Port Augusta by Richard (or as I often call, Geboy/Gebs. Don’t ask. ๐Ÿ˜† ) as he was driving.

I am also sending out books to Malaysia, Holland, Belgium, UK, USA, and Canada. I hope I can collect more pictures. ‘Cause if the author hasn’t traveled there… at least the book has! (And hopefully I’ll come down there soon, hehe).


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