Take Chances, Make Changes, and Live With No Regrets

beyonce we can do it


I’m in my girl power mode and also currently going through one of the busiest phases of the year once again. It’s tiring, yet so exciting. Sometimes I wanna sleep on my desk and wave white flag to the invisible camera, but most of the time I do realize I love being busy. It’s good to have a good problem like this. It keeps you going.

That’s why I never understand people who have been give time, opportunity, and talents and yet they do absolutely nothing about it. They don’t even have to go through the same shit as some of us probably did. Believe me, I have seen real life examples of this. To live life with no goals, dreams, and ambitions… well, I don’t think that’s bearable. 

So I just wanna write, not that you ask me to, to make the most of your life! To have short term and long term dreams, to make friends as much as you could (Networking is really powerful! Proven!), to have ambitions, to keep up with life and your surroundings, to have fun, to not waste time, be kind, and to live life with no regrets.

I always think to myself, if tomorrow I am going to die and God asks me to look back at my life, I really wanna say to Him that I have lived my life the way I always wanted, I did all the things I wanted to do, and I have no regrets. I mean, we don’t have to be a worldwide superstar like Beyonce… but you know what I mean. Be our own version of superstar! 

Rock on, darlings! :*


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