20 Facts About Me… Sort Of.


Moving all the Instagram “20 facts about me” tags here. Not that it will benefit any of you, but I’ll share anyway.

Here goes.

1. Most people always think I’m from Manado. Some think I’m Chinese, Sundanese, or even Padangnese. I’m actually half Flores and half Dayak (Central Borneo).Β 

2. I love dogs beyond words. I love them so much it’s crazy. One time when I was around 10 or something, I gave my “Lassie” story book to my friend because I did not want to read the sad story ever again. (In the book something happened to the dog).

3. I’m obsessed with everything Dutch. But y’all already know that.

4. I’m an avid fan of Hip Hop & R&B.

5. I’m highly dependent to eyeliner and lip gloss. πŸ˜†

6. I feel the sexiest when I clubdance, especially with R&B music. Heheh.

7. I love watching live music more than clubbing. Kalo clubbing tuh endingnyaΒ cuma capek ama ngantuk doang, dan ingatlah, alkohol di club itu mahal! Minumlah sebelum berangkat. Β πŸ˜†

8.Β I am Miss Confirmation and I hate uncertainty.Β I also live by my to-do lists.

9.Β  My first and worst and last hangover happened when I was 24. I drank 4 glass of Long Islands and 3 glass of Gin & Tonic. Slept in the toilet for 2,5 hours and when I woke up I did not stop throwing up until the next 6 hours. I never let it happen again, nor should you.

10. I drink 4 – 5 liter of water everyday.

11. I wash my hands VERY often.

12. My pet peeve is rambutan. I always get goosebumps whenever I see it therefore I usually look away or cover it with tissues. Geli liat kulitnya. -_-

13. Not a fan of bakso. And I think Nasi Padang is THE BEST comfort food.

14. New York is my ultimate dream destination.

15. I have hots for bald and tattooed guys.Β 

16. I have a very long pair of arms, my mom used to say my arms are like Orang Utan -_-Β 

17. I bought selfie stick/tongsis but NEVER use it because I can do it with my long arms. LOL.

18. I started speaking English fluently and actively when I was 20 y.o.Β I picked up the American(ish) accent from TV series, movies, and songs.Β Before that it was passive and it was really hard to convey what I wanted to say. I understood things when I read or hear them, I could write it grammatically well, but speaking was goddamn hard. I hope my Dutch will be better. I don’t wanna be 40 when I finally could. It’s true that practice makes perfect.

19. I’m a city girl. I like beaches, I can do mountains, but I love city the most.

20. I love traveling so much but I’m (actually) still very afraid of flying until today. Taking off and turbulence get me on my nerve. I couldn’t remember how many times I have chanted “Our Father” whenever I was flying. πŸ˜†Β 


  1. Hey it was great to read this! I’m dependant on eyeliner, mascara, blush and gloss! (way worse than you, lol). I actually like rambutan πŸ™‚ My goodness your hangover sounds terrible. I just got back from New York so you can pop over my blog to see some very gloomy photos of it (sunnier ones will be posted in the near future). Hey when did you start speaking Dutch? It seems difficult!…

    • hauahah, tell me about it! if i don’t wear make up they would think i’m sick πŸ˜†

      aahhhh, will check out your NYC post! always always want to go there ❀

      i started learning (by myself) randomly since 2007, but i never took a course, i just buy books and google & youtube stuff, so it is very hard, i love English better. but i want to be fluent someday. soon hopefully, hihi

  2. Oh wow I just typed mine and yours showed on the feed!
    I am also dependent on eyeliner (damn I forgot to add it to mine) buuut I LOVE BAKSO! (also not on mine!) hahah πŸ™‚

  3. ada apa sih pada pengen banget ke NY? untuk kota gede gw lebih seneng chicago malahan, sama florida/california. NY menurut gw org2nya pada individual banget. emg sih landmarks nya keren2 dan makanannya enak2. but i’m not that impressed. kemana2 mesti naik subway (ada enaknya ada gak enaknya yg ini mah), parkir mahal setengah mati, dan kotanya gak sebersih yg di film2. hahaha. you should go to colorado (not denver though. try boulder), or provo (UT). kotanya ASELIK bagus banget. ntar kalo lu kesini gw kasih tau kota2 kecil2 yg oke2 banget buat foto2 deh.

  4. OMG, no. 11!! I also wash my hands very often i think i may had an OCD hahahaha. Semoga kesampaian yah ke NY nyaa πŸ™‚

  5. Helo Teppy maap nulis d sini hehe gw udah tanya twitter tp gw agak bolot kl pake twitter hehe. Itu buku nya d gramedia ada ga yah tm gw k sana kok org2nya ga ada yg tauau gw bawa k aussie nih sm ada bbrp org nitip jg er sana. Makasih ya. πŸ™‚

  6. Mau komen beberapa hehehe. Yang nomor 1 benar banget Tep, gw kira lu orang Manado. Nebak doang dari foto sih, karena kita kan blm pernah ketemu. Nomor 8 itu juga gue banget, gue gak pernah bisa janjian mendadak, bisa berantakan jadwal gue. Nomor 10 itu minum 4-5 liter sehari? Ditakar dong? Apakah gak bolak balik ke toilet?

    • hahaha, muka gue emang menado abis dah nih…

      itu gak ditakar sih, cuma jug minum gue sekitar 1 literan gt, biasanya gue bisa isi sampe 2-3 kali di kantor, di rumah jg…


  7. seriously thought you’re Manadonese too at first hahah!
    I can’t live without my eyebrow pencil..and blush on!
    city I most want to visit? UK.. I’ve always been fascinated by the Brits..
    learned English from Sesame Street and want to speak Spanish fluently..and French..studied Germany but couldn’t quite use the language to converse..
    kapaaaan ke sini lagiii…

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