He Gets You

Of all the time I spent alone, I realized that I have collected and shared so many things. Funny memes, pictures of uber cute cats and dogs (dogs, mostly), songs I love, beautiful lyrics, memorable quotes, favorite movie/TV series scenes, hilarious jokes (which are very subjective), list of dream destinations, basically ANYTHING I love and find interesting, I keep and share. I usually click the share button to Facebook and Twitter, post it on Path, pin it on Pinterest, write a post on this blog, or whatsapp/e-mail my friend(s) whom I know will like the same thing. All because I have not yet found one particular person I could bombard all those things to… who will get it. 

On a recent visit to a friend’s house I came to this realization again. I chatted with my friend and she told me a little bit about her love stories and how she ended up with her husband whom she had married for a year and a half, if I didn’t miscount. I then asked her, “How did you know that he was the one? What made you so sure?”

Well, I wouldn’t tell you the whole story because it’s private (hehe) but she did say…

“He gets me, and he gets my jokes.”

And that’s what I wanted (also someone who’s as crazy about dogs as I am and wants to have a house full of it. LOL).

I bet all of you guys reading this, at least 90% of you, have or had been dating before, right? Do you know how PAINFUL it is to talk to someone who not only have no clue on what you’re talking about… but also doesn’t get your jokes? And vice versa. It is very painful to pretend that he’s funny when he is not. One, it is painful to smile when you actually want to cringe. Two, lying is not good! (I still have my conscience, you know. LOL). 

Well… I know, I know. Some found it earlier, some will probably have a few good years to wait. 🙂

So here’s to a house full of dogs, to a share of laughters on some stupid jokes, to songs I’ll bombard you with, to great stuff we’ll never stop talking about, to wondrous years of traveling together, and whatever it is that’ll follow… I hope someday you’ll land here. Just in time.

And you’ll be the only best friend that I could kiss 🙂

Picture was taken from here.


  1. OMG….and that’s what i feel with my current boyfriend….i know the feel when someone doesn’t get my jokes …i have been there ….and i now feel bleesed because my boyfriend really get my jokes, accept my crazyness and we can talk anything…..btw, i want to say thank you to you because the curcol how to get him…i wish you will get the one like you wish…in time 🙂

  2. “He gets you” ini penting banget…kadang emang orang lain nggak ngerti apa yang kita bahas. Contohnya gue yang suka humor sarkastis….cuma beberapa orang yang ngerti 😀

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