BANGKOK – River View Dinner at MANGO TREE

Bangkok is always one of my favorite cities of all time to visit. It’s lively, vibrant, metropolitant, cheap, has a lot to offer, and yet somehow managed to have such a great system of transportation (taxis, water taxis, motorbikes, BTS, subway – every model, basically!). It’s like Jakarta minus the cheap and the great transportation part. One of the highlights? The food of course 😀 From street food to restos, mostly all of them are super good! Maybe because the taste and flavor isn’t too different from Indonesian’s cuisine. Last June, I had the opportunity to dine in one of the most prominent Thailand restaurants in the country (which has branches abroad including Jakarta, Indonesia), Mango Tree. But the one I visited was situated at Yodpiman River Walk near the old city and flower market area. And yes, this one comes with a river view of course ❤ Too bad we had a constant mild rain that afternoon, so I had to sit inside, otherwise I could have enjoyed my cocktails with some breeze and sunse view outside! But I had a great time nevertheless. The food was GREAT! OMG! The drinks were awesome (you have to see my pictures below) and above all, I made friends with Kalaya, the PR Manager of Mango Tree who manage the brand internationally. It was as if I met my twin from another mother, hahaha…. we think so much alike! So yea, a great dinner and a great company, what more can you ask for?

I am for sure gonna be back, and I hope the terror that Bangkok is currently facing with this sad bombing news will soon be over and taken care of, because I love this city so much. I still haven’t had my cocktail by the river at this place, so, til soon, Mango Tree (and BANGKOK!).

PS. Thank you so much Kalaya! 😀

Calamari Salad

Pork Satay – enough said. It was so well marinated I wanna cry. Tasted so good.~~~

Scallop Lui Suan (scallop with mixed herbs salad and sweet spicy sauce)

Baby Back Ribs  with Larb flavour (northeastern-style spicy salad) – This is also OH SO GOOD! Generous portion~~~

This has got to be my favorite, I went crazy with this one, hahaha… It was so tender and the coconut soup was just so “rich” and not too watery. Love it. This is Tom Kha Lobster!

You know a good food must be complemented with great drinks! Something good, contrast from the food, and refreshing! I guess it was my luck to try some of their best cocktails that day. I loved all of them. The first one on the left below is called The Mango Tree and my most favorite one is called River’s Blue (middle picture) which as as you can see, come in gigantic portion. So make sure you come with at least one friend that can help you finish it, or maybe another one so one can take care the two in case any of you get a little bit too tipsy, hahaha… I’m sorry I forgot the last one, if I’m not mistaken it was one of the mocktails.

How can I finish it and still stay sober? LOL! Love love love this one!

It was so great to meet you, Kalayaaaaaaaaaaaaa! 😀

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