I wish…

  • To always put logic first amidst all my feelings
  • To always have the opportunity to see the world
  • To have my Master degree
  • To marry my partner-in-crime, whoever he’ll be. Travel together, open a coffee shop together, retired at 40 together, work (or have fun) from anywhere around the world together, and just be happy together, kids or no kids (but definitely with dogs!)
  • To stop overthinking
  • To put myself first before I can help others
  • To accept the things I can’t change
  • To handle sadness, confusion, and anger with patience and grace
  • To take care of myself better
  • To have outlets to vent out 
  • To stay sane
  • To never take myself for granted intellectually, personally, phisically, and emotionally
  • To be a little easy on myself
  • To stay positive yet realistic
  • To live with no regrets
  • To always have faith
  • To be happy and always be happy, despite everything





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