All the Good Things in Life – List #2

A follow up list on this one.

1. Finishing a good book 

2. Kiss on my shoulder – my ultimate favorite.

3. To fall asleep

4. Morning walk around my hood

5. Bike ride in Amsterdam

6. The existence of matte lipstick

7. My music folders that contains more than 2,000 songs and counting. I’m gonna go bat shit crazy if I lose this.

8. 1,5 hour massage (just the right amount of time)

9. Getting tons of good (candid) photos out of an unplanned photo hunt

10. Justin Trudeau, for looking like a real-life Disney Prince and for basically being too good to be true. LOL. #CanadaIsBlessed #ICantEven

11. Getting my job done before a long holiday

12. Bumping into my crush

13. Weekend brunch followed by good coffee in a quiet cafe

14. Watching your favorite TV show with your man, on a couch, in his arms, with him stroking your hair and throwing occasional kisses. Sounds kinda cheesy when you write it down like this but it is so not when it really happens. #dabest

15. Banana Caramel Crumble Cake I used to buy from my friend. I could really finish the whole thing in one go. I’m talking about a whole square pan here, not just a slice. 

16. Losing weight without doing any efforts 

17. Radio without announcer and commercials – just a non-stop good music (PS. This kinda radio does exist)

18. Be given a blanket and a cup of hot tea when it’s cold

19. Wearing your boyfriend’s favorite t-shirt/jacket (yea, I’m sentimental like that)

20. Late night phone call when you already snuggle in bed. I don’t know why but I always feel like this is sweeter than video call, even if you can actually do the video call, it’s pretty awkward. Maybe I always like having a little bit of mystery (or maybe I’m just weird LOL)

21. Pork noodle, pork ramen, or anything with pork~~~

22. Finding quotes I can relate

23. Bola ubi. Because bola ubi is life.

24. Catching up with an old friend and realize that you never lose the connection

25. Train ride. I always love train ride.


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