Here’s to You

Sweety, worry not.

Know that it is okay to be human and to grieve over things your heart can’t bear in whatever way you might like. But like any adults should, just know when to stop, to let go, to fix things, to accept, or to move on. 

Know that on some days you might skip your lunch just to save up more money to get by, other days you might be standing on your favorite place you didn’t even dare to wish you could fly to, thinking how the hell did you finally get to be there.

Know that you are loved, you are kept fondly in someone’s thought, you are cared about, you are a good person, you are a human of immeasurable value, and you are someone’s good wish. 

Know that you are gifted and you have the power to achieve everything you want to achieve in life, and be whatever the hell your future proud self wants to be. 

Know that a good heart goes a long, long way. 

Know that although life is unfair, or sometimes, too effing unfair, it is also very very rewarding when you least expect it.

Know that as self-help(ish) as this whole thing sounds, I sincerely wish you all the love , happiness and good things in life.

And always know that I mean it. 🙂

[Dedicated to everyone who feels a little bit lost these days. Some who might have experienced anxiety attack(s) or frustration. High five, darlings. It will all be okay!]



  1. Hi kak teppy…I’ve been a longtime silent reader, but I just have to thank you for this post. thank you, thank you, thank you 🙂

  2. these words are exactly the words that i need to here right now. thanks kak Teppy for writing it down here. 🙂

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