Travel & Think

Despite of having a day to day job and only 12 days of leave every year, I think I’ve been traveling quite intensely in the past six years. From being an ambitious mid twenties backpacker to a laid back late twenties explorer, I gotta say, this whole traveling thing still continues to bring me new insights and perspectives EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. It makes me constantly think about what I want to do and achieve in life, and the other places I wanna see. I know shits will get real again when I’m back home, but sometimes, the experiences you have or the people you talk to during your travel makes you realize that it is not impossible at all to have a new start or to break free, whenever you want it. Especially if you’re unattached of course. I don’t know what will happen next year, but after talking to a bunch of old and new friends during my trip in Australia (which is still happening as I write this post), I realize I still have sooo many possibilities to chase ahead of me. I always think that my baggage will kinda “chain” me from all of those dreams, but the truth is, nobody can really save you except yourself. Everybody has their own baggage, I know, but there are times when we’re allowed to be selfish, to really think about ourselves and just go after what we really really want.  

So here’s to 2017. May you’ll be as exciting as I dream you to be.

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