Late Night Lyrics Quoting

I miss my late nights in college when I basically had a lifetime to go through lyrics of any singers I love, highlighting the lines that made me in awe, and just jot down all of them on my quote book(s). I get real crazy when someone succeeded to put together their thoughts beautifully in a sentence. Their choice of words, the feelings behind it. These people are Einstein to me as he is for scientists. 

As of today, 2 days before turning 32, I am going through John Mayer’s lyrics in acute drowsiness. These days I only got midnights to actually have some down time. I’m gonna reignite this old hobby of mine this year. 

A birthday mission.


  1. I always think of u as my twin. I wrote Einstein in literature to Dewi Lestari. And now you write the same thing. Be happy be blessed be merry. God Bless you Tep. No matter how many times life brings you down. Just remember you have through everything and yet you still shine.

  2. I remember 2008 nemu blog kak Teppy karena browsing lirik dan jatuh cinta sama postingan postingan mellow nya hahhaha the good old times, happy birthday semoga misinya berhasil 🙂

    • hai iqbal! teriima kasih untuk apresiasi (dan kesabarannya!) aku lagi nyiapin yang baru, but I’m taking my time

      thanks ya!

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