Mars Quotes

“Before, I always thought there was nothing to be terrified of in this world. But ever since I met you, I’ve got a lot of things to be afraid of. Now what I’m afraid of most is when you sit on the back seat of my motorcycle. I absolutely can’t make any mistake. I can’t lose you like that.”

– Ling, taken from Asian drama, “Mars”


Verzonden vanaf mijn blackberry


  1. aku tahuuu felm inii hihi… suka banget sama OST nya *mantan fanatik serial Asia* .. sayang banyak tokoh yg berakhir di RSJ… huhu *mengapaa?!*

  2. Ini quote yang pas dipantai bukan sikkk? ah jadi rindu nonton Mars lagi. Suka deh adegan-adegan awal-awal push & pull nya Ling sama Qi Luo. Aaah I’m a sucker for PDKT scenes X-D

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