I feel like I’m entrapped between cultures and was born at the wrong place where my way of thinking is completely the other way around from the place that raised me. So confusing I feel like I’m walking with an invisible chain.

And so I ran as fast as I could just to break that chain.


  1. Reblogged this on WINDA & HER STORIES and commented:
    As Oliver told me, “It’s difficult for parents to accept that there’s a time the kids become smarter than the parents.”

    And I said, “Parents’ thoughts are always the most important thing for deciding something because I am still a baby for them.”

    “At one point of their lives, parents would have to understand that their kids need their space and should have their own lives as well. That does not mean we forget them or love them less. For we know someday it will happen to us too.”

  2. emang tepppyyy
    setuju level tujuh dehh

    gak ngerti gw kadang kalo liat betapa gampangnya orang di kota ini buang sampah di jalanan, ngeludah atau pipis sembarangan. Belom lagi berhenti sembarangan dan nyetop angkot atau kopaja suka2 hatiii

    mungkin masalah macet di kota ini bisa terurai dengan sendirinya ketika orang2 lebih disipilin dan sayang dengan dirinya sendiri.

    just a though

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