Crazy Days


Picture taken from here.

Hi there people! 

My days have been so crazy these past two weeks I could barely breathe. Work had consumed 90% of my energy and yet I feel that my energy tank is actually bottomless, and that’s why I used up the rest 10% going here and there, meeting new friends, catching up with old friends, those sort of stuff. I’m sorry that I haven’t been updating this blog (I miss blogging so much, believe me. Sorry that I haven’t replied your comments, but I read all of them, thanks so much for the kind words on the Ibiza bit! You guys are very sweet 🙂

I had watched some movies like The Other Woman, The Amazing Spiderman 2, Godzilla, Luntang Lantung (a film based on my friend, Roy Saputra’s book, “Lontang Lantung”), and tomorrow I’ll be going to X-Men premiere event. So… lots of movies, no time to review it. Boohoo.

I also haven’t written further about my Euro Trip series (WHICH HAPPENED LAST YEAR! My God it’s been a year!), last year’s Bali trip, recent Cirebon and Singapore trip and countless of cafes and restaurants I have tried (but it’s all over my Instagram though, do check it out if you need any references!). But I gotta tell you, I’m quite crazy for coffee shops these days. I mean, I don’t drink coffee, only hot choco or latte and some cookies, but I’m longing for a cute little cafe with a nice ambiance.

I’ve also been forcing myself to start reading again (and hide my phone inside of my bag every  time I read so I don’t get distracted too much),  which is working, and I love getting that carried-away-by-the-stories feeling back. Last weekend I wandered around the city alone and took a book with me, and I had a good time reading. I will bring some books I have yet to read for my long flight to Spain. 

I have A LOT of stuff in my mind that I wish I could channel one step at a time, but being the natural multitasking creature just like every woman is, my brain does not really shut down. It’s always: “What else? What’s next? What more? What haven’t you thought of.”

See? Too much energy. 

Alright then, I’ll write you soon, pretty darlings! I’ll try to write something before I leave!

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