My Grown Up Christmas List

Hi guys!

I know it’s been a long while since my last post and for that I’m sorry, but now I’m pushing myself to get back to this beloved blog and write frequently again. I’ve been quite busy with work the past couple of months, and when I wasn’t busy, I rested (read: being all too lazy, hehe).

Anyway, I can’t believe it’s almost Christmas time again, and it’s almost New Year. What does that mean? That means I will enter the last phase of my 20-something life next year (turning 29). I mean, I’m not gonna make turning 30+ a big deal, but I gotta say it does feel different, even now when I’m at my late 20s. I just feel that life will get even more serious. But would I want to turn back time and be under 25 again? No, thanks. I’ve had my share of fun, did my mistakes, got my lessons, and at this stage I feel more content, mature, and steady. There are some stuff that still excite me, some I found no longer interesting. So cheers to getting older. Everybody is anyway.


I have to say the past 2 years have been the most interesting parts of my life. Traveling played a major part in that, but this year I was off work (office routine) for about 7 months. I met a lot of new people, I did some impromptu travel outside my yearly travel plan (Thanks Air Asia Blogging Community, Mister Aladin, and Etihad! – will write about these later), I got a job that I love after numerous tiring interview phases that made my kinda hopeless, I met lots of interesting and smart new people in the company, and despite the fact that I’m now back to corporate life, I still managed to travel a bit (thank you, unpaid leave! :lol:). It’s not all rainbow and butterflies this year, there were some shitty moments too. I got my heart broken again by some people I cared dearly. But just so you know, it’s not always about romance. Sometimes life just love to test you that way. And this is why I said I don’t wanna go back to being younger. When you’re a bit older, emotionally steadier, (and hopefully wiser), there’s only so much crap or mistreatment you can take, other than that, you brush your shoulder and you move the fuck on because it just doesn’t worth your time and energy. I realize life is way simpler and drama-less these days, and that’s why I love being an adult. I stopped dwelling on unimportant stuff.

So… this Christmas I just wish that next year will be even more colorful and fulfilling.

I wish to never stop travel,

I wish the universe will grant my yearning to try live in another country,

I wish that even if I don’t have shitload of money in my bank account, I could still live happily and sufficiently,

I wish to meet my “partner-in-crime,” a guy who shares the majority of my interests, so I don’t feel too dorky every time I’m excited about something but nobody understands LOL,

I wish that I can publish my 2nd book on my birthday (CAN I GET AN AMEN!),

I wish a lifelong of health, good friends, awesome career, and happiness ahead.

And I wish you, my dear friends, readers, strangers, whoever is reading this, that your secret wishes and long kept prayers are gonna be granted too… starting this Christmas!

PS. I’m not saying no to having a real Xmas gifts though, like some new shoes or dress. LOL.

PPS. In case you wanna shop or buy Xmas gifts (for your loved ones, not me, LOL), I found a section here: HappyΒ Christmas Shopping!


I wish you tons of happiness on this most wonderful time of the year!

TheFreakyTeppy - Xmas



Photo by my best friend, Shinta, who snapped this in front of a giant xmas tree in Japan. Thanks, babe!


  1. Aakkk..
    Akhirnya (sempet) nulis lagi ya, Tep!

    Gue udah melewati quarter life crisis dan merasa masih kejebak di dalamnya #apose

    Have a holly jolly Christmas, dear πŸ˜‰

    *background sound : My Only Wish-nya Britney Spears* #halah

  2. Aaakk..
    Akhirnya (sempet) nulis lagi ya, Tep!

    Aminnn yang kenceng untuk keluarnya buku ke 2 di taun depan!!

    Have a holly jolly Christmas, dear πŸ˜‰

    *lanjut dengerin My Only Wish-nya Britney Spears*

    May all ur wishes will come true, my dear one…
    *I smell happiness around you!*

    I love you, and I really do!!

  4. “I stopped dwelling on unimportant stuff”… EXACTLY RIGHT. I totally get it, Tep. Going back to re-live all of those moments again is a no go. Amen to those wishes! Cheers for soon-not-so-soon 29! πŸ™‚

  5. Tadi iseng open blognya lagi, eh ada postingan baruuuu. Dari kemaren visit ga ada muluuuu. Sebenernya sih pas tadi visit, ngarep ada tulisan yang tertunda ttg perjalanan liburaaann hahahahaha
    Merry Christmas Kateeep! xoxoo

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